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Yaya Nganga Speaks

There are a lot of fundamental Palo concepts that get revealed in my rambling posts. Maybe it's the experience with Palo that has me easily see its application within Palo and life in general. I’m also very aware that my understating is continuously evolving. Palo almost never speaks straightly to you when in conversation. What gets reveled or spoken always has a multitude of meaning. A word or concept in our understanding language can be applied in a multitude of ways from basic to deeply profound. Keep in mind too that when Palo speaks it sees the big picture and many times will speak backwards. A grace of understanding is always necessary. In backwards speech, it can mean they funnel information to us. Just like a funnel their end is quite large, and our head is small. Digest their words slowly. See with your minds eye when hearing Palo speak. Circle speech is them being and operating multidimensional, similar to a hive mind but not. The magnitude of their multidimensional macrocosm is not easily digested by our microcosmic mind.

Palo will work with what Palo has. The Mpungos share a resemblance of us when the pact is there. Yet who is running the show? You, the Mpungo, the Nfumbe, Lucero, the Dead? How are you receiving the words being said when Palo speaks? What character flaws are being activated/triggered when processing or not processing what is being said? Are you even hearing what is going on? Sometimes it is just best to let the energies play out before taking action. Clarification is always a welcome request. Lessons in Palo are never easy when you are out of alignment. Even when you are in balance lessons can easily throw you off course. Know Yourself, this is an absolute must when engaging with Palo.

Getting a better understating of what Palo is can be challenging as we learn to walk in the Palo energy. Heat is a dominant force we need to get comfortable with. Some of these spirits can be rude, challenging and try to dominate when moving in the realm of Palo. They can also make the Palera/o take on these qualities as the spirits get channeled unknowingly and knowingly. Knowledgeable spirits know how to Ride the Wind… The realm of the dead is a constant force that must be dealt with within Palo. Who, What, Where, When, How is a good question to ask your old friend…

With everything being said here there is so much more left unsaid. Learning how things operate will carry you far in this beautiful tradition. Who’s house are you in? What realm are you in? By house I could be speaking about Mpungo. What is applicable when in conversational speech is applied to vititi as well. You, the House of Your Spirit should always be well cared for to ensure a more harmonious understanding of your unique individual Palo walk. The trappings of Palo are always present to divert your path. Many start their journey seeking power. Ask yourself, who are you in relation to that power? In that I mean, who do you think you are? Palo will tell you, So What! You are a nobody till Palo says you are a somebody. Build and learn your foundation. Move from there till Palo moves you. There’s no rush. Palo is a lifetime journey.

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