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The Truth Speaks

The Magic of a Lie

Why is it that some who claim to have powerful magic demonstrate it by going after another’s character? Why do so many believe without question this lie that has been told must be true. Does the lie teller believe their power comes from their ability to lie, or do they believe in the power of people wanting to be fooled?

Gossip, rumors, lies, brings about an insidious energy that permeates slowly, marinating, eventually destroying the mouth of the teller of lies, the ears of the receiver of lies and unfortunately far too often the person being spoken/lied about. It’s a low vibration energy and you are fooling yourself if you believe you remain untouched by this energy if your only participation is listening.

We are all guilty at some point of gossiping. Mostly minor slights without much energy force behind it, so we think. My firsthand experience/knowledge as the person being lied about is extensive. Fortunately, I have processed them well. A few are - I’m teaching Feri at a metaphysical shop in Walnut Creek, Ca with bad dark energy and I’m a complete mess. I did breakup magic, on a couple who owned a metaphysical shop (I did help out at this one) because I wanted the wife’s life and her husband. (Absolutely did not want this. I did end up dating the husband for a few months 9 years after their divorce and years after the wife stopped talking to me.) I later am said to have told one of their sons to hang himself… (Brutal and disgusting… What’s most disturbing to me is Who told this hanging lie…) And then there’s the, I run a sex cult and lure men in with sex. (This last one still gives me and my friends some hearty laughs and fodder for many jokes)

When I learn of a lie about me I like to process it out. I look at the ways this lie affected my life. I admit sometimes I’ve gotten pretty upset upon discovery. I’ve since learned that tracing and processing this unfortunate information only leads me to growth, enlightenment and some shameful satisfaction in realizing the mouth that spoke and ears that heard with engagement got what they deserved in the end.

In the lie you find the cursed. It may take months or even years, but the truth eventually finds its way home.

Olokun and Dreams… I usually don’t dream much. These past few months have been filled with heavy sleep and lots of dreams. Many of my dreams have been about things I have not been able to reconcile within my life. Olokun brings clarity. Olokun brings wisdom. Olokun brings enlightenment and growth to move beyond my troubled mind. Olokun brings peace. Olokun protects my head. Olokun protects my reputation and brings the richness of life into fruition. Olokun the master of illusion and revealer of secrets. Maferefun Olokun, I bow to you…

If you are experiencing slander by another stand in your truth. Honor who you are and leave the deceit to befall the deceiver. Slippery elm bark and rue are good herbs to work with in protecting from gossip. If you feel called Olokun can be petitioned to protect your reputation or better yet to have your reputation grow in strength and protection. It’s no fun being on the receiving end of gossip. Stay clear and clean in who you are. The truth always comes out in the end.

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