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The Heart Speaks

Palo spirituality is an interesting way of life, calling you into the harsh realities of who and what you are. Belief, arrogance, even knowledge will only get you so far. Your mental capacity for all things spiritual, your mental stability and balance consistently rocked and challenged to grow into something that far exceeds who you once were. Grow or succumb under its weight if you think you can posture.

I’m consistently surprised by the deep growth I experience in Palo. No one truly knows what they are instore for or capable of until they walk this path. It consumes you at every layer of your being. Either it is who you are at your core, or you fool yourself into thinking you are one of the chosen ones. This game we play isn’t about the outside end game. It’s about the tether that ties you to the linage. The unseen umbilical cord. The infinite game we can spiral out of control in or continue into infinitum ultimately bringing heaven into our everyday life. In this particular incarnation I find myself almost 8 years into Palo. A spiritual tradition that knocks you on your ass if you don’t live up to its standards and expectations. A spiritual tradition that carries you like God with only one set of footprints in the sand. Every heartbeat I have is for this tradition. The beauty is when you find that its every heartbeat is for you.

I like most found myself initiating into Palo out of necessity. Love of Palo and being naive made for a deep emersion into this spiritual journey. I’ve had my ass schooled in both good and bad ways. Every lesson has been an opportunity for growth. The power we all seek is hard won. True power comes with self-development, self-knowledge, and self-control. Palo will speak and guide you the rest of the way. The harder your head the harder you will be hit if you want to play.

The hit can come in many ways. Learn how to do things correctly. Corners can not be cut. If you do there will be a price to pay. Nothing comes free or easy in Palo. Practice with your heart and head in alignment. Remember, there’s no hiding in Palo and yet you will be given every opportunity to prove yourself. You cannot have what you have not earned. The covenant clears the way for those who have proven themselves.

Manipulate and you will lose.

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