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The Crows Speak

The crows came back today. I have only seen crows in my yard twice. In fact, since I’ve moved to Texas I rarely see crows anymore. Seems odd since crows and ravens have had what seems like a daily presence in my life since childhood. Now though it is mourning doves, vultures, and overly aggressive hummingbirds. Yes, for those in the know that speaks volumes about my life.

Seeing a single crow in my back yard a few weeks back gave me pause. I had already received messages from my spirits then too of death. Not my death but just the presence of sickness and death and the caution of it showing up in my environment. Normally I see death, the actual spirit, when someone either close or in the periphery of my world is going to transition. This was not the Spirit of Death. This was the ancestors singing mourning songs. I could hear the beating of their drums, hear their soft soulful voices singing songs I have never heard as they gathered in from all directions. These were spiritual ancestors…

“In all that you do let there be Love” is what my spirits have often said and repeated

to me. “Seek the root of its existence within me” they tell me. This has been the answer to me more often than not. And so, when I saw that single crow squawking insistently perched on a backyard tree, I approached my spirits for clarification and resolution. Ebo to Esu, ebo to Ifa, ebo to Oya at the gate of the cemetery, ebo to Shango, Ebo to Yemaya, Ebo to Oshun, Ebo, Ebo, Ebo.

This morning the Crows spoke of peace, blessings, the cycle has shifted, I am once again moving into a current of life and vitality…

Maferefun Orisha! The power to shift the harshest of energies when engaged from a cool head once again continues to bless my life and those known and unknown that were affected by this work.

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