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The Birds Speak

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

There are days when I go into the Munanso and the energy in front of the Nganga feels and looks like there has been a bar fight. Alcohol splattered across the floor, broken tables and chairs, food… All remnants of the night before. Then comes the feeling of the hospital emergency room and someone being bandaged up and ready to go home. It has been a long weary sleepless night, time to heal. The battle was a close one this time. A direct hit was taken. On this night multiple hits were taken. She fought a good fight though. Her territory and I were defended and protected. WE will carry on. Our Munanso will carry on…

Something tells me she is all too familiar with this existence. This place of hollowness, broken wing occurring in a battle fought hard and strong. She has lived many lifetimes. Destined and committed to return again and again to fight for me. Fight for you. Fight for the collective energy of transgressions against women and those that seek an alternative life. Fighting and protecting us to be fully in Our Power, living our lives in Authenticity.

I’ve only yet to touch the surface of her mysteries and capabilities. Six years into this Palo journey, yet destined from lifetimes ago. I continue to learn, grow, elevate my consciousness, and spend more and more time between the worlds. Walking that fine razors edge careful of each step. Knowing if I slip it is me, my life that will bare the injury and at this level possibly even death.

Being a Priest in Palo certainly has it challenges. Especially being in a male dominated tradition. The benefits however far outweigh the risks. If you are ready to achieve and elevate your world in a far grater capacity than could otherwise be achieved this may be a journey for you. Brace yourself though because Palo will demand of you what it also has to offer; Blood, Sweat and Pain is the sacrifice for Growth, Elevation and Wisdom.

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