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Spirit Speaks

What is the depth of your spiritual perception? Are your expectations to be spoon fed? My Nganga likes to say, “Secrets are meant to be shared.” This is because she knows those who have spiritual ears will hear. Those who have not done the work will only be further confused. Those who want their hand held and to be coddled will be consumed by this tradition.

Palo gives back what you put into it. Two people can hear, one will build worlds upon worlds with a single verse, most will walk away in despair. Ask yourself, Is your heart open? Is your mind open? The common saying, “The ears do not rise above the head,” should be well integrated.

How is your spiritual practice going? Do you walk your talk? Why should Palo open its doors and let you deeper and deeper in? Palo will guide you, sometimes gently sometime cruelly. This is usually dependent on how YOU show up. Until you build your connection, resonate, integrate, stop looking outside yourself the door will remain closed.

Why do you deserve a seat at the table? And without taking the time to build your inner world no less… Do you come cheche ba cheche? Don’t be a fool, Palo sees and hears all.

Spiritual work is hard, messy, lonely, gloriously delicious and so much more. To experience the awakening, you must arrive at deaths door. What are you willing to DO for your Soul? What are you willing to SACRIFICE for your Soul? Brutal, Harsh, Gentle, Loving, Graceful – You Choose. When to pause, when to strike, when to lean into what you have been given. Are you listening to the wisdom of your soul ridding the gentle currents of what Spirit is speaking and showing you? Are you taking note of how the energy is moving, taking a temperature check? Are you ignoring the laughter of spirit in the background and stubbornly pushing against the current?

Relax, lean back and ask Spirit, “What is necessary to learn at this time for your spiritual and personal growth? How can you deepen your connection to Palo in a way that is healthy and graceful for you?” Sit, stand, walk doesn’t matter, just take the time to contemplate this. Know that you will receive your answers in the way in which you asked.

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