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She Speaks

Today’s conversation with Chola, Vititi Nkobos, a deeper mystery in regard to Palo Consulta’s.

When I’ve looked into things in the past about a particular situation and I’ve been given No as an answer, no doesn’t always mean No when it comes to the Nkisi, to the Mpungos, even the Muertos, Lucero. It could just be in that moment the answer is no, that deeper mystery will not be revealed. But at a later date, a later time, the day of tomorrow, more of that knowledge shall unfold. Looking back as to why this would occur, I would say that in their vastness of seeing the bigger picture, at that time when the question was asked, the information would not have been received appropriately, meaning the emphasis that was necessary on that information would have been lost because the recipient of that information was not in the correct mental place, frame of mind, energy, environment, to appropriately hear and prosses what was being said. The Nkisi will give you the information to pull you out of your current state of being. If you choose to grow and delve deeper into yourself, they will delve deeper with you, revealing that mystery along the way.

The information that is available is an insurmountable amount of information. The Nkisi, they, there’s a desire there to lead you into the light, and maybe I’m just speaking about my particular Mpungo, wanting to take you into that light of clarity, of understanding, of fulfilling your destiny. In order to ensure that it’s correctly fulfilled, on course, on track, staying on that path, little by little, piango piango they give you the information. Consistently guiding you along the way. The nuances, the form of speech, the circular speech, the speak on multiple timelines is just their quality of communication, quality of who they are. Their existence into our reality sometimes permeates multidimensional space/realms, because they are multidimensional beings created, manifested into our realm of existence. Their energy speaks volumes. They are at home in the night but yet they see clear as day. It is in the darkness where the mystery is revealed. Hapenstance is not happenstance when it comes to the Mpungos. Piango piango the mystery gets revealed.

In a Palo working destiny has it’s place. If you are not on course for your destiny they’ll get you into a better state of being. But, piango piango, fate will take it’s place till you walk on your destiny. Where Ifa reveals the destiny upfront, and makes it clear, Palo sees it from the other side. They already know what the existence that has been experience in the past and to come. Ever guiding you to the light of tomorrow. Revealing it daily under a come of power. The portals and doors you choose to open can take you farther away from your destiny or you can be guided by the light. It’s when the light within you diminishes, when they become concerned.

The light or night of integrity guides the process. Happenstance. The true essence of ones being, cultivation of one’s character, happens bit by bit. So, to move from one destiny to another, from one state of being into another, cultivate it piango piango. Grace opens many doors. Humbleness requites oneself. Great is the master submissive within his being. Jealousy and gossip herald a fate unseen. Pettiness is putrid. Feelings of adversity together in your home shuns both you and the doer of this deed. Setting lives apart, cursing the heart, putrid, suffering, angst, modeled in the home brings about a place, state of devastation for future children yet unknown.

How you reveal the mystery is key to understanding, the mystery of the unknown can never really be known. It’s when you guide with your internal light, your internal compass, it shines a light upon that portion of your road. Not everyone can hold the greater mysteries and other portions of others roads. So what you think you know is only a spotlight on your existence.

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