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Lucero Speaks

What is there to release from 2020 is such a common practice. Really though this just makes me think what are we running from? What did we do or not do that has us running scared from a fear that has yet to be revealed?

Now, This Year Sucked Big Ass Balls. I am happy to see it go! 2021 though, this New Year is where the hard work begins. “You must do better for yourself,” she told me. I faced way too many challenges in 2020. Truth, I must do better for myself in 2021 and ongoing. May We All Do Better for Ourselves in 2021!

2020 was a year of unforeseen circumstances for many people. Much was just out of our control. On course for a phenomenal year and then… the Universe Laughs… I am coming away from this year with gratitude, much needed clarity having been received and a deeper understanding of self. In the end it was still one of my best years in many ways. Growth is hard but the outcome is well received.

And now here we are, grateful to be closing out the year. May 2020 Rest in Peace.

What will we achieve in 2021, Individually, as a Community and Globally? May our Future Be Blessed and Rooted in Love.

Palo always speaks to me in profound ways. Take from it what you will and leave the rest. The following are Words of Wisdom from Lucero. Always the Trickster in the Wisdom He Speaks.

Gentle Graces is not about niceties on succumbing to the illusion of the Void. Gentle Graces is about owning your power and an operational mindset that gathers the niceties around you combining with the winds force of nature imploring the activist (yourself) to distribute the energy in a forceful yet calm way while simultaneously holding onto the truth of yourself. Enjoy the compliment. Feel into the power of it. That is an example of G.G. Owning your authority is foolishness if you do not operate with a mindset of Peaceful Power. Power is Power, know that how you wield it sets the course for further action. If one operates in illusion, one succumbs to the pestilence of self. Mind over matter is an illusion too, a delusion of self. All existence comes from the void. Tap into that and you can move worlds. The nature of a thing does not therefor make it what it is. Find the pulse, perceive into it. Shallow then deep. Get to understand it. Balance weigh it with your minds eye. At this point this is where the illusion delusion begins. Are you going into self-judgment and applying it to that thing which you hold in sight, or are you looking at the true essence of the thing? Now from here, what is the value matter assigned? 1-10, 10 being the most subjective view without illusion. Decode the factors of Thought, Substance, Nature, Nurture of the thing. Then in the minds eye hold the vision in an uncompromising form. Truly look at the thing, then feel into the emotion of it. What it wears, smells like is an example. From there move it to how you would like the Thing to be. – End

New subject –

The challenges I face are not my good nature state of being. There is always a better way than to hurt but true nature exists in all things. The nature of a thing can be both good and bad simultaneously. Do not apply delusion or illusion to this. See it for what it is and accept that. Knowledge is power you know that. Open your minds eye and your heart to that. Hurt is a concept one can overlap. That is delusional. The true essence of who we are is to explore all things, Good, Bad and Both Simultaneously. Hope is a chatterbox of Divine Force blown by the Winds then lost to space and time. If a Direct Source is of the Void, is not linked to this, Hope dissipates sending people into a delusion spiral of lost hope.

(For a few within Palo) The Force of Nature of Who We Are needs to be Grounded in succinct divisional Africanal Force. Locked by Value, Love, Hope, Rooted in Sustenance Earth, Joy, then Lift Your Spirits from there. Hope is like the drug Ecstasy, shortly lived. We need the Power to Thrive and Survive. That is why for us Grounding and Rooting is a Necessity of Life for Us. Accept your True Nature, not a fear based one. Live Joyously in Who You Are. There are those Palo practitioners that get lost and succumb to its Power. Because Power over others is not a lure for us, can be, but mostly we don’t succumb to this sideways trajectory. Follow your Heart and Soul. It leads you well when Attuned to Your Inner Light. Be True To Yourself Always.


May Nsambi Bless and Guide You Well This New Year and Beyond.

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