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Healing with Palo Monte

What is it about Power that drives men to want to control and dominate women? Never have I witnessed and at times experienced such harsh magical, mental, emotional, physical, and sexual abuse as I have within this beautiful tradition. These men are blindly supported by their followers, until they are not… I do not know what drives this other than a culture of sustained spiritual, emotional, and physical trauma.

Many come to Palo to heal only to overshadow their growth and upliftment with being frozen in trauma, lost in delusion of ego and grandeur. These men are unable to recognize their true enemy is Self. And yet there are many, including myself, that continue to benefit through this Blood Pact. Sacrifice is necessary in order to embody and live in one’s own truth and self-empowerment. My spiritual journey has taught me to sacrifice those parts of myself that bring me back around to engaging with this abusive treatment. Changing what Palo is to me, immensely healing, hard and filled with love. I choose to live in that truth reminding myself to check myself and my actions along the way. At any point in time I know I can always choose again for healing and growth. Making my path one of Love, deep soul embodied love of self and this tradition. I have always and will always overcome any challenges I face.

In many ways I have the Men of Palo (and some women too) to thank for bringing me to this self-discovery. Their harsh magical torture has taught me strength and understanding of myself, enabling me to work through my own trauma. The taught and experiential knowledge of the healing magical powers of palos (sticks) plants and patipembas. The love and mysteries of Nsambi, Mpungo’s, Muerto’s, Nfumbe’s and more are a few blessings received through this engagement of unwanted Play.

Even today I deal with this need for dominance and control in what seems like a weekly basis from the Men of Palo, yet my heart, home and life are filled with peace and blessings. Knowledge is power and these men continue to gift me with this on a regular basis. Allowing me to build and sustain a spiritual business, my own Palo Munanso filled with amaizing Godkids and a blessed magical life. Thank you…

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