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Sweetwater Enchantments


Professional Intuitive

Circe is an experienced and extensively trained Psychic Medium, Tarot Reader, Reiki Master, and Initiated Priest. Her love of Spirit, the Divine and all things metaphysical has led her to pursue, study and initiate into several spiritual paths.  Circe is a initiated Priest in Palo Briyumba with Mayombe, Palo Monte, Ifa and Anderson Feri Witchcraft. A practitioner of Folk Healing, trained in Herbology and Aromatherapy, Certified Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master Teacher.  She consistently helps her clients receive the energy medicine necessary to shift their current harsh state of being to bring balance and harmony back into their lives.  Learning through mentorship, apprenticeship, certification and hands on hard work with much spiritual guidance. She is a natural and gifted Spiritual Worker, born in the Caul and working with her second sight since childhood. Circe’s love of all things mystical and enchanting has given her the desire and drive to master her craft.  Always a student, continuing to research, study and stay up to date on the current trends and forms of mystical magical practices.

Circe works full-time in her magical practice taking on private clients, Teaching Reiki and Spiritual workshops publicly and privately for the betterment of her clients and community.

A word from Circe

May we open our eyes and hearts to experience the love and splendor abundantly reflected in our lives.  May our bodies feel nourished and well cared for.  Space is always being made for you and I if only we open to it.

Why do we block our own blessings, always on the lookout for something to go wrong?

Trauma, the effects of trauma.  It’s the threshold point, being scared and self-sabotage just prior to stepping over to the other side. Most often than not we are our final block.

As a physic medium I see this often in my clients. Having gotten into a place in my life where I recognize this about myself. I step through this force field barrier of my own and life’s doing. Only I can make this final step. Life’s initiation has brought me to the threshold, where I go from here is up to me.

When I pause to look around me and take in all that I have been given, received, what my life immortalized has become I find myself thinking wow I did this. Wow I got through that. The experiences in my life holds an intricate memory entangled and polarized internalized in its coded memory inside my body. Allowing the healing that has taken place to unfold with grace inside my body and outside my life. Championing the causes of my work. Again, I’m at that threshold point. Take that step to go through. Tomorrow I will be on the other side.

Encouraging, feeling the tremors of release. Take the step today and so I do.

Stepping into life every day does require action. Minimal action is still action. It’s those tiny steps done with consistency that bring us to the greater outcome we desire. What small step are you taking today as you work towards your life goals? What focused release are you letting go of. What is holding you back and WHY is it? Sometimes that’s all the stepping you can do today. Tomorrow, you release and step again.

I often recommend Reiki in conjunction with other healing modalities I offer. I find often we all need help along our healing journey into the fullness and richness of life. Psychically I can see the trauma imbedded within a client. Intuitively I see the way to dislodge and clear it. In conversation I can guide you to the deeper places within yourself to penetrate those barriers you have built. For me it’s about getting you to progress into the life you want and envision for yourself.

Everyone is different. Sometimes it’s a quick fix. Other times it’s years of working together. Each step of the way you should have a noticeable improvement in how you feel. It gets easier as we go deeper into your process. Sometimes maintaining is the goal.  Often the goal is achieved and maintenance is all that’s left.

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